I am a computer enthusiast, and I have continuously studied areas in IT that interest me. This has led me down all sorts of technical related paths. I enjoy using Linux and Windows to further my experience with both platforms. I have more recently been leaning heavily towards the Linux side in creating my home labs.

I enjoy spending time with my family, I have a wife named Jadrien and three dogs: Ella, Tesla, and Moxie. We love the outdoors and are commonly found hiking, walking our dogs, and playing disc golf.

The largest step in my career so far has been employment at Cerner and moving to Kansas City. This for the first time put me in the enterprise environment. I really enjoy working with the people I do and working on the projects that I have.


  • August 2014 - Today

    I am a Senior System Engineer at Cerner Corporation in a Devops environment.

  • April 2019 - April 2021

    Splunk Core Certified Power User

  • April 2019 - April 2021

    Splunk Core Certified User

  • July 2017 - Present

    Splunk Certified User 6.x

  • March 2017 - March 2020

    Basic Chef Fluency Badge

  • March 2016 - March 2019

    RHCSA Certificate

  • October 2015 - Today

    Zabbix Certified Professional

  • February 2014 - July 2014

    Getting my first professional experience in Linux at A2 Hosting.

  • March 2012 - February 2014

    Landed my first IT job at Tech Experts!



  • I have my RHCSA.
  • I managed Zabbix servers and proxies at Cerner, we have a Zabbix Server that runs in between 15k and 50k VPS.
  • I am using over 70 Zabbix proxies in our production environment.
  • The Zabbix server I manage has over 11k hosts and 3 million items.
  • During my time at Cerner I have only managed Linux servers.
  • I always have a Linux project going at home.
  • The distro I am most familiar with is CentOS/RHEL.
  • I have made custom scripts to manage firewalls, clean up maintenance with cron, motd, and login scripts.
  • I can use shell and ruby scripting to automate tasks.


  • I have developed and worked on many chef cookbooks.
  • I have created Ruby, Python, and Bash scripts to automate time-intensive tasks.
  • I have worked with Zabbix and JIRA API’s.
  • I have worked with software developers and followed their release process to deploy code.
  • I use Enterprise GitHub for code at Cerner and Github for personal code.
  • I have a cookbook in the Chef Supermarket I actively work on and maintain.


  • Splunk
    • I have my Spunk User 6.x Certification
    • I have created queries to find errors across multiple servers.
    • I have created dashboards to show visual representations of data.
    • I have joined a Splunk SPLaaS/CoE Team and now solely focus on working with splunk
  • Zabbix
    • I regularly maintain two testing environments and three production environments.
    • One main US-based prod, one UK-based prod, and one in a DoD secured network.
    • All environments are n+1
    • I also maintain about 70 proxy pairs.
    • I have worked with Zabbix Support to implement best practices and to work though tough issues.
    • I have setup Zabbix servers and proxies in a DoD secured environment that complies with DISA STIG's
  • Chef
    • I have used knife extensively to upload or modify existing configurations, create encrypted data bags, and bootstrap servers to chef.
    • We use GitHub Enterprise to store, version control, and peer-review all code.
    • While I am not a developer myself, created, updated, and refactored cookbook for several years now.

General IT Services

  • I have replaced many different internal laptop components.
  • I have configured POP, IMAP, and Exchange email accounts on computers and mobile devices.
  • I use Filezilla and help clients with Filezilla client to connect to FTP sites.
  • I have work with software that controls access to a building with electronic door locks that were based on a barcode system.
  • I have worked with software manufacture to migrate, recover, and troubleshoot issues with their software.
  • I have diagnosed and resolved many different printer issues.
  • Helped users recover on-line accounts they have lost access to.
  • Resolved email sending and receiving issues.
  • Diagnosed and resolved numerous hardware issues.
  • I have worked with professionals in the medical field to help them in becoming HIPPA compliant.
  • Worked with them to make sure they are following the meaningful use guidelines.
  • I have aided in helping companies change ownership.
  • Troubleshot issues to resolve bad connections between VPN connected sites.
  • Installed IP cameras and resolve most issues with camera systems after reading through some manuals.
  • I have upgraded hardware and software.
  • Installed signature pads.
  • Installed receipt printers.
  • Recovered corrupted media.
  • Recovered data from corrupted hard drives.
  • Recovered deleted media.
  • Installed time clocks and software, and facial rec, and finger print scanner.
  • I have ran cable and made cables for many different environments.
  • I used a cherry picker lift, and scissor lifts to run cable.
  • I have worked on most issues locally and remotely.
  • Installed Tanning Salon software and control devices.
  • Set up remote access using, RDP, SSH, FTP, SCP, SMB, TeamViewer, Logmein, GoToAssist, Join.me(LMI), more over HTTP.
  • Installed Spector Pro to monitor users actions.

Managed Services

  • Managed 19 servers and over 200 workstations using GFI.
  • Created custom scripts to work with GFI.
  • Use software to monitor security logs on a computer to let me know if there are a large amount of unsuccessful log on attempts.
  • I monitor a GFI dashboard on a regular basis to manage all servers and workstations of clients that have agreements with us.
  • managed all patching of our servers and workstation using GFI patch managements patch approval policies.
  • I have modified this for some clients that could not update past a certain patch number on some software.
  • I have created a script to work in GFI that reports what users have been inactive for 60 days or more.
  • I have monitored and troubleshot issues with off-site(Cloud), and local backups.
  • Assisted customers with any server-side issues on the Managed Servers, VPS’s, and Web Hosting we provided.


  • Used Nessus Community edition to audit security in test labs.
  • Used Nikto to audit my own web server.
  • Used Aircrack -ng Suite of tools to crack wireless passwords for WEP and WPA*
  • Used rogue access points to sniff traffic.
  • Used Cain to sniff plain text passwords on a network.
  • Use Nmap to test for open ports.
  • Remove, crack, or bypass Windows passwords.
  • Used tools to recover password from applications and web browsers.

Windows OS

  • I have worked with Windows XP, 7, and 8 regularly. I can also manage Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, and mobile versions of Windows as well.
  • I am able to do just about anything that is required of a Windows environment for users that ranger from home users to medium sized businesses.
  • I regularly unlock user accounts in Active directory.
  • I have created mapped drive scripts that an end-user can use to reconnect drives once the networking comes on-line.
  • I have troubleshot many different Internet Explorer issues with clients and on-line resources.
  • Regained access to a locked computers, or one they have forgotten the password too.
  • Preventive maintenance on workstations and servers.
  • Numerous system optimizations and virus removals.
  • Setup and installed Quickbooks Premier and Enterprise in single and multi-user mode with and without a server.
  • Migrated installations of Quickbooks to new workstations and servers.
  • I can use batch scripting to automate some tasks.

Websites and Web Hosting

  • I am always improving my WordPress development skills.
  • I am able to install and manage wordpress websites.
  • Move WordPress sites from one domain to another or to a new host.
  • I have setup a number of my own personal websites, including Techhangout.net
  • Modified existing HTML websites and built WordPress sites out to client specifications.
  • Managed DNS records.
  • I have registered, transfered and managed domains.
  • Manage cPanel accounts in WHM.
  • Familiar with WHMCS.
  • Manually migrated websites into cPanel accounts.

Documentation and Reporting

  • Documented procedures from software manufacturers so if the issues happen again in the future I can resolve them without having to contact the software provider again.
  • I have had to post weekly blog posts to the company blog site.
  • Wrote monthly newsletters to our existing clients.
  • Documented all work in a ticketing system to show exactly what work I have done.
  • Create executive reports to deliver to clients that they could easily understand.
  • Kept tract of all issues during shifts and reported to team so that everyone was on the same page at all times.
  • Kept track of progress so that I could hand off any ticket to any team member and after reading my notes the team would be able to continue with the ticket.
  • I have used Connectwise and JIRA to keep issues organized and taken care of in a prioritized and timely order.
  • Created controlled documentation.
  • Creating peer-reviewed prioritized Change Requests to production systems categorized by the impacts of the change.

Customer Relations

  • Support Customers on Phones, Live Chat and tickets.
  • Placated clients angry from outages that we had no control over (MS Hosted Exchange goes down, Internet Outages, Power outages, or hardware failure when there was no redundancy.)
  • Placated clients that would not have issues worked on for several hours or even days.
  • Work with customers of all walks of life at all ages and with all differing in computer experience.
  • Follow up with customers to make sure there happy with the service.


Drop me an email if you are interested.