Hi, my name is


I am a system engineer.

I really fight an onslaught of constantly evolving work load with the idea of automation and removal of and prevention of accrual of technical debt.

About Me

I am a system engineer with a background in computer science, and I am passionate about monitoring and security. I am currently working as a system engineer II at Oracle remotely from Ohio.

I work with an application built on Splunk to monitor critical health data. The application helps me create reports from observable metrics to report on any objectives we want to achieve.

Through my work, I have been able to increase our understanding of how our users interact with the system. For instance, some of the reports include graphs on whether the user is searching for complete data based on our service-level objectives or not. Additionally, I can track how often users are failing to successfully log in to a session or how quickly reports are completing.

Here are a few technologies I've been working with recently:
  • Splunk
  • Zabbix
  • Chef
  • Ruby
  • Bash
  • git


System Engineer II - Oracle Cerner
Aug 2014 - present

I am currently working as a system engineer II at Oracle Cerner remotely. I have done a lot and grown quite a bit working here on projects and team including:

  • Oracle Health Privacy Analytics
    • Manage Federal Environment
    • Create and report on observibility metrics
    • Work with client teams to ensure data is reporting in
    • Identify gaps or issues and create solutions
  • Splunk team
    • Mitigating vulnerabilities
    • Run projects
    • Assisting senior and junior team members accomplish tasks
    • Support the numerous environments for clients internally and across the globe
  • Zabbix team
    • Determine and implement needed infrastructure
    • Determine and establish best practices
  • Ruby and bash scripting
  • Create, update, and maintain F5 loadbalancer configs and certificates
  • Writing, updating, maintaining chef cookbooks
  • Running ansible playbooks
  • Utilizing git and enterprise github
  • Automate what we can and reduce existing technical debt when I can
  • Utilize Chef to standardize deployments and keep all configuration in source control
  • Work internally with teamates as well as will other teams to complete projects or resolve issues
  • Work as a primary on call in a rotation as well as 24/7 on call for solutions I am a subject matter expert in
  • Utilze JIRA for issue tracking.
  • Really what I do is figure out what to do even if no one has the knowledge to proceed. I figure it out and get it done. The Internet usually has all the pieces of how to get something done, I just put the puzzle together at the end of the day to deliver what is required of our team at the time.
Linux Support Analyst - A2 Hosting
Feb 2014 - Jul 2014

A2 Hosting web hosting company based out of Ann Arbor Michigan. They offer everything from a basic website to high-performance virtual private servers.

  • Work remotely from home.
  • Support Customers via Phone, Live Chat, and Support Tickets.
  • Migrate client cPanel accounts from other hosts to our servers as well as internally.
  • Assist customers with Pre-sales and sales questions.
  • Provide server-side support for hosting services.
  • Review abusive accounts and proceed accordingly.
  • Work with 3rd party abuse companies to take down malicious sites.
Department Manager - Technology Experts
Mar 2012 - Feb 2014

Technology Experts is a managed service provider based out of Monroe Michigan. The provide the full IT department experience without having to hire an on-site IT staff.

  • Migrated users and all data from one PC to another.
  • Virus Removal
  • Hardware and software installation.
  • Dealt with Software manufacturers to repair, recover, or transfer their software.
  • Managed hardware and software firewalls to open or restrict access.
  • Operating system installation and maintenance (OS and NOS)
  • Technical Remote Support.
  • Create self-service documentation.
  • Outlook and Exchange issues.
  • Migrate Websites to Wordpress and manage domains and mail in Plesk.
  • Mass workstation /email migrations


Bachelor of Computer Science in Information Security
ITT-Technical Institute of Technology
Associates of Computer Science in Computer Networking
ITT-Technical Institute of Technology

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